Media Monopoly?

When hearing particular news story or while simply browsing a newspaper, we expect to see an unbiased and accurate retelling of a story or event. It seems today that we can’t be sure anything is true when it comes to the media. In a society where everyone wants their opinions voiced and greed is a driving factor, media moguls will go to any length imaginable to attract viewers and sway opinions to those that better favour their cause.

I believe that who controls the media is a very important issue in today’s society. We are being fed the ideologies and mentalities of these few media owners, and this makes it necessary to know who exactly is saying it, and for what reason.

There are many examples, both now and in the past which show ‘dodgy’ reporting and bias in an effort to persuade and manipulate the masses. An example of this was seen in the media coverage leading up to the 2013 Australian Federal Election. Through his large media empire, Rupert Murdoch was able to pump out an enormous amount anti-Labour sentiment in an effort to influence the Australian people and manipulate thoughts. Through catchy headlines and biased reporting some would argue that he won the election himself. There were many examples seen on the front page of a number of editions of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph. The bias is evident when headlines such as ‘Australia needs Tony’ and ‘Finally, now you have a chance to… Kick this mob out’. Clearly this is an effort to persuade the Australian population to vote for Liberal in the election. It is as if it would be wrong to vote for Labour. It can be assumed that this media isn’t healthy for a democratic society. We should be seeing both sides of the story and all the details that are hidden at the discretion of whoever writes them.

With a limited number of media owners having control over a growing number of media outlets, I think that you should always question what is seen and heard when accessing news. We must look behind the headline to discover the motives behind the media empires and find a way to properly regulate control of the media.

This is an interesting video showing Murdoch’s opinion on media ownership 50 years ago.

A lot can change in a person when they have power…

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