A Reflection on BCM110

When looking at today’s society we see an ever increasing presence of media outlets, from traditional newspapers, to smart phone apps, to social networks.

Upon starting BCM110 I have learnt a lot behind media issues surrounding us today, to how they are discussed, and even how we are affected by the media. Sue’s lectures have displayed and outlined an issue, and through my own research and through reading other people’s blogs I have generated a greater understanding of the issue at hand and their relevance to today’s society.

Before my time and university I was unaware of these concepts and issues in relation to the media. This course has taught me a number of concepts, including;

  • The Media Effects Model, and how people think that what you see at a young age will influence behaviour, particularly through violent television and video games
  • The power of images, as well as connotation and denotation, and how these images stimulate the mind
  • The importance of media ownership in today’s society. You must be cautious when accessing news stories due to bias reporting and shock stories to generate an audience.
  • The role of the public sphere, and the theory behind discussion of controversial text, as well as the idea of ‘reality’ television.
  • And finally, through reading other people’s blog I have noticed that everyone views media differently to one another. Everyone shares and displays their opinion in different and unique ways.

The blog post exercise has been a good experience to further my knowledge in the media issues explored in BCM110. It has been both interesting and exciting, and it will be good to see how these issues come forward in the future.

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