How Technology Impacts Actual Communication

Introduction: This is a project for my university subject called ‘Media, Audience, Place’ which aims to explore current applications of the theories composed by David Seamon and Sherry Turkle, in relation to my family network, or ‘the networked home’ a term learnt about in this subject. Seamon’s writing A Geography of Lifeworld in Retrospect: A … More How Technology Impacts Actual Communication

Put the Phone Down!

The prevalent use of mobile phones in society is quite obvious to the social observer. Phones are used for countless reasons such as messaging, directions, Facebook, general internet use, and the almost outdated voice calls. With 89% of Australians owning a smart phone, and 60% owning some sort of tablet (Rogers, 2015), these devices are … More Put the Phone Down!

The Networked Home

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with my mum about the ways television has changed (and stayed the same) since she was a child. It was interesting to see this contrast, more specifically how the role of the television has stayed very similar, but the content has changed. Before I learnt about … More The Networked Home

Marketing the Media

Being a student undertaking the Marketing and Advertising major at UOW, I obviously have an interest in the topic, and the way media is positioned is something that interests me especially. Whether newspapers, or prime-time television, I often think to myself the viewing habits of people consuming certain media outlets and who particular media outlets … More Marketing the Media

Television Traditions

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to my Mum a couple of days ago about her experiences with television when she was younger, living in England. In comparison to my viewing habits and experiences, and talking to students in class, there are a number of similarities and ‘traditions’ when it comes to family time … More Television Traditions